Feb.14, 2018

Next week the Stable Ground Team will be meeting with the  Community Engagement Manager at the Lena Park Community Development Corporation. We are also excited to meet with the Director of Community Engagement at Urban Edge.  We will be learning more about the perspectives of each organization and the community based  issues that each organization feels are most prevalent.

We are beginning a robust round of outreach to many community based organizations and organizers.

We will also be attending Toward Sanctuary Summits is organized by the Vera List Center for Art and Politics in association with The New School Sanctuary Working Group and The Zolberg Institute Working Group on Expanding Sanctuary.  This Friday, Jules Rochielle will be attending an all day workshop with Jeanne van Heeswijk, artist and initiator, Philadelphia Assembled and Michael O’Bryan, Director of Youth and Young Adult Programs, The Village of Arts and Humanities, Philadelphia. We look forward to learning from other organizations.

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