Residency Update: L’Merchie Frazier

“Home is Where I Am” is a project of the Stable Ground residency that directs our attention to creative art-making and building for consciously considering components of the space we occupy as home.  The project through poetry and image making exercises ponders the questions of community resistance and protest to invisibility and erasure.  Through the apparatus of community and collective agency we seek to explore our awareness of individual and organizational power to combat the trauma associated with issues of homelessness, foreclosure, eviction and neighborhood gentrification to gain access to asserting citizens voices to support housing equity, and challenge current housing policy.

In Component One we will work with the agency, CityLife Vida Urbana, that is celebrating its forty-fifth anniversary.   We will serve its constituency with a series of workshops in “PowerUp” poetry, interviews, data collection and image making that will promote empowered individual and collective voice, display and exhibit the products of the workshops during their anniversary celebration of community activism and empowerment.  To accomplish this, we have been meeting with CityLife administrators and staff to plan our involvement in their festivities and art-build.  We meet with and observe Tuesday night meetings with their constituents that CityLife organizes for those seeking assistance with their housing issues of ownership and rental as they consult with lawyers and law students to develop an appropriate approach to possible resolution and safety.

In Component Two it is our intention to expand the net of community members by planning and staging a timeline of activities and events with Violence Transformed in open spaces in the communities of Dorchester and Mattapan.  For use in these public events we will design a tool kit for families and their children, as future citizens, to prompt early conversations of parents with children to support and gather their voices on what home means to them. We intend to engender the support of local policy makers for these occasions.

Component Three will engage the NULawLab staff, facility and its students with opportunities to expand their intellectual capacities and vocabularies that work toward better analysis, mapping and support of advanced thinking about healthy and equitable housing policy development in our neighborhoods.

The key word common to all of the work and activity generated in this project is “stable”.  With stability we will succeed.


L’Merchie Frazier
Stable Ground Boston Resident Artist

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