Residency Update:Ngoc-Tran Vu

For the past several months, I have been working closely with Dorchester Not For Sale (DN4S) to cultivate a resident-led coalition to advocate for an inclusive planning process in Glover’s Corner that is anti-displacement and prioritizes working class people of color. To date, we have successfully organized two retreats, a public action, several community dinners, various strategy meetings and continuously engaged local Dorchester residents to build power and agency. It has been an unbelievable experience learning and working in solidarity with my neighbors, local groups, and community members of different ages, languages, and racial backgrounds with the same goal of “building a multi-racial, multi-cultural, multi-lingual, multi-generational REAL community process that centers Dorchester residents most at risk of displacement in decision making.” As we move forward in our efforts to build a stronger and united Dorchester, we try to model our process rooted in social justice so that it nurtures and cultivates the inclusive and accessible community that we all want to thrive in.

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