Covid-19 Resources

What is Mutual Aid?

You may have noticed various organizations cropping up that offer something called mutual aid. Who are these groups, and what is mutual aid?

The mutual aid concept is that people from a community volunteer to offer up resources like food, transportation, and other essentials to each other, according to what they have and others need. This can take the place of low-risk individuals volunteering to go grocery shopping for high risk individuals, or walking dogs for people who are advised not leave the house, or even sharing crafts, recipes, and virtual companionship. The guiding philosophy is “We all have something to offer, and we all have something we need.”

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The Coronavirus disease outbreak threatens our communities, locally and globally. Working together, we can strengthen the public health and community response that will help protect all of us.

Below, please find links to useful tools drawn from authoritative sources—the World Health Organization and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention—and from the Community Tool Box, used by nearly 6 million people worldwide.

These resources are organized by Tools for Public Health Action and Tools for Community Action.