Podcast Series: Stories We Want To Tell

In addition to the AIR program, during the 2020 season, NuLawLab will organize and curate Stories We Want to Tell, a Stable Ground storytelling project about displacement, resistance, and hope. We will work with with Artist in Residence, L’Merchie Frazier and Community Curator, Glorettta Baynes.

Gloretta Baynes is a Cambridge native and alumna of Massachusetts College of Art and is an independent curator and cultural consultant and the former assistant director and registrar for the museum of the National Center of Afro American artists. She is the former chair for the Registrars Committee of the Association of African American Museums. She is an exhibition designer for Community Creations, an annual exhibition hosted by the Gardner Museum.

Please note: This program has currently been paused due to COVID19. We will resume this programming once the current public health safety measures have been lifted.